Hot Stamping Tool Steels 

The brand steel WP7V is a popular Doerrenberg material utilized for hot stamping tools worldwide. It has great machining and heat-treating qualities.  With a working hardness of 54-56 HRC, the WP7V achieves both high wear resistance and very good toughness. The WP7V can also be used for classic cold work. Due to its high toughness potential, it is particularly suitable for processing thicker sheet metals. The WP7V is also suitable for shredder knives, shear knives, punches, and rollers.

The CP2M® is a newly developed special steel from Doerrenberg. It is characterized by a very high wear resistance as well as a high thermal conductivity. As a result, not only can longer die lifetimes be achieved during operation, but also shorter locking times. Both lead to a significantly better performance and productivity of hot stamping tools.