Tool Steels for the Knives, Blades & Slitters Industry 

In the Knife, Blade, and Slitter industry the greatest concern is the chipping and cracking of the steel that is being utilized.  One needs to look at the application in depth regarding what is being cut, slit, or pulverized to determine the correct grade of steel to utilize.  Hardness and wear resistance are key to the “life” of the steel.  Having the knowledge of the correct grade of steel can improve the efficiency and quality of your product while reducing your overall costs. 

Our metallurgist can review your next or current project to help determine the best solution of steel to utilize.  Whether it be a standard grade of D2, H13, S7, or similar we can determine the best grade to get the results that you want. 

If you are looking for a higher quality steel, we have our grades from Doerrenberg Specialty Steel. CPOH, WP7V, VNC4, and AMO are produce to the highest standards and will produce the results you require.  Please click through to our Doerrenberg Specialty Steels page for more information.

Now Stocking The Following Grades For Knifes, Blades & Slitters