Tool Steels for Castings & Forgings 

Die Casting dies fulfill two functions, forming of the designed component and extracting the heat from the material that is being formed.  The key factors in choosing your tool steel for your die casting is how well the steel will handle the thermal conductivity and how it will handle the repeated heat cycles.  To avoid any cracking issues, it is critical that your tool steel can perform these processes at the highest level. 

The forging process involves a large amount of force and heat.  The issues that arise are wear, mechanical & thermal fatigue that leads to the cracking of the forging die.  Choosing the correct tool steel for your forging die is critical to minimize these issues.  Examining the entire process from temperature, shape, surface condition, working material, contact time, stress level, and the type of forging operation will dictate the correct grade of tool steel to utilize.

With our metallurgical resources we can identify the correct tool steel to utilize in your next die casting and forging project.  We can maximize the value of your steel and help reduce your overall costs.

Now Stocking The Following Grades For Castings & Forgings 

Standard Grades