Industry Solutions 

With our industry specific market sections, you can identify typical materials utilized in your industry.  Each market section lists the most common grades utilized in that industry.  Along with the listed grades you will find some of the most common issues associated in that industry.  Tremblay Tool Steels can help identify these issues and offer the solution that can help reduce your overall costs.  This includes reduced maintenance times resulting in less downtime and increasing your run rates to produce a higher number of parts before any preventative maintenance is required.  This will produce a higher quality part that your end user demands.  Click on your market segment and contact us today to get your solution!

Metal Stamping

Hydraulic press machine and fixture making rings
Tremblay Tool Steels has been a tier one supplier to the automotive and metal stamping industry for over 30 years. Tremblay Tool Steels has the knowledge and background to supply you with exactly what you need for your next tooling project. Learn More

Injection Molding

Injection molding is utilized to create a large portion of products that are used everyday by consumers. Learn More

Hot Stamping Tool Steels

The demand for light weight, high strength components is an ever-increasing challenge for manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industries. Learn More

Knives, Blades & Slitters

Professional mincing machine for meat in food industry
In the Knife, Blade, and Slitter industry the greatest concern is the chipping and cracking of the steel that is being utilized. Learn More

Pultrusion & Extrusion

The extrusion screw spare parts of injection machine unit. The injection screw unit for spare parts in the light blue scene.
Check out our Pultrusion & Extrusion steel options. Learn More

Rolled & Threaded Dies

Closeup of the tube / pipe roll forming machine.Modern manufacturing concept.
We have a wide range of steel for Rolled & Threaded Dies Learn More

Castings & Forgings

Learn more about our Castings & Forgings offerings. Learn More