Tool Steels For Hot Stamping 

The demand for light weight, high strength components is an ever-increasing challenge for manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industries. As a result, more and more metal stampers are turning to the hot stamping process to meet this demand. The number of hot stamping lines installed worldwide over the past few years has grown significantly. As more companies move to this manufacturing process this demand will just continue to grow.

Despite its benefits, hot stamping is not without its challenges. The significant capital investment needed to purchase and install the equipment coupled with the need to reduce component costs leaves the manufacturers constantly looking for ways to speed production rates.

Because of this, the tool steel used in these dies becomes extremely important in the die life and productivity rates of these specialized stamping lines. Over the past few years, some tool steel suppliers have taken their generic hot work tool steels and marketed them for hot stamping applications. These will work in some cases but will not result in maximized performance of the tooling. Doerrenberg Specialty Steels has developed two tool steel grades specifically for these hot stamping applications. WP7V and CP2M® each have unique characteristics to increase wear resistance, thermal conductivity, and tool life, giving the customer the best option to meet their line objectives. Both grades are in use in hot stamping lines around the world with customers speaking highly of the results achieved.

Now Stocking The Following Grades For Hot Stamping 

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